Become a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC)

Follow these six steps to begin offering Certiport certifications at your organization.

Avoid creating a duplicate test center account. Make sure to verify that your organization has not previously registered. For assistance, contact support or a Certiport Solution Provider.


Ensure your testing facility meets the following policies and requirements as outlined in the CATC™ contract:

Register a new testing center

New users: Create a user account

Note: Each person will only ever need one user account with Certiport. This account can later be assigned as many roles and functions, as needed. If you are unsure whether you have previously registered with Certiport, contact support or a Certiport Solution Partner.

Download a detailed guide of the account creation process

  1. Follow the instructions on the Registering as a new user page.
Returning users: Register your Certiport Center
  1. Register a CATC
  2. Log in with your user account. If you have not previously registered a user account, see the Create a user account section.
  3. Select your country and whether you are registering a Certiport Center or a Child Center. If you are unsure which type of center you should be registering, contact support or a Certiport Solution Partner.
  4. Select your sector and verify accuracy by reading the definition on the right side of the screen.
  5. Enter the organization name and other pertinent account information.
  6. Accept the Certiport Center Agreement by typing your name at the bottom.
  7. Click  Accept.

Purchase exams

Purchase inventory from a Certiport sales consultant

Contact your Sales Consultant to learn about products and pricing, and to place your initial order. Sales Consultants will also activate your testing center.

Purchase inventory through the web interface
  1. Log in as an Organization Administrator to buy inventory at the testing center rate.
    • Change the role on the drop-down menu at the top to Organization Administrator.
    • Click Purchase and follow the instructions to buy exams.

Download and install exam software

Delivery systems vary by certification program. Click each system for more information about which exams can be delivered in each system.

Console 8

Console 8 is the flagship delivery system from Certiport and is the only method available to deliver the project-based MOS 2016 and 2013 exams. It can also deliver the MOS 2010, MTA, MCE, ACA, ACU, ACP, QBCU, ESB, TCA, and the Certiport IC3 exams (availability of individual exam languages may vary).

Certiport Mac launcher
  1. The Certiport Mac Launcher is used for the online delivery of our Mac-compatible ACA and IC3 exams.
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