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Quickly find exam-specific information by certification program for each of the following:

Exam releases/languages

We are devoted to keeping all audiences up to date with our existing and upcoming exam product and learning product releases. Planned release dates listed here are subject to change.

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Exam retirements

This section contains a schedule of upcoming exam retirements. Planned retirement dates listed here are subject to change.

Delivery System Retirement: Certiport completed the retirement of the Online Test Delivery System on December 31, 2017. Please see the individual program lists below for affected exams.

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Exam lengths

The following page lists the durations of our current certification exams along with the number of questions (or question range where noted). All exams undergo continuing psychometric analysis and the number of questions are subject to change.

Note: Exam lengths are the same across all languages (where available).

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Exam tutorials

A tutorial is a set of instructions appearing prior to an actual exam that provides help on topics such as navigating through an exam, marking a question for review, or understanding Live-in-the-Application and/or project-based elements. This page allows a Test Candidate to review a tutorial outside of sitting for the actual exam, which can save class time (live tutorials appear prior to the exam timer).

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

All programs except Outlook

Outlook only

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

Creative Cloud (CC) 2015

Objective domains

Objective domains are a comprehensive set of specific and measurable knowledge, skills, and abilities that are the basis for the development of both the certification exams and learning products.

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