Certiport Announces 2018 MOS U.S. National Champions

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Last week we held the 2018 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) U.S. National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. The winners topped over 350,000 total entrants and 147 finalists. The first place champions will head to Orlando, Florida for the MOS World Championship from July 29 – August 1, 2018.

The MOS U.S. National Champions are as follows:

MOS Word 2016

First place, Aydan Soto, Florida

Second place, Alexis Deynes, Virginia

Third place, Elizabeth Sandlin, Kentucky

Fourth place, Claire Johnson, Michigan

Fifth place, Ashlyn Dumaw, North Carolina

Sixth place, Alexis Harp, Michigan

Seventh place, Michael Lesznar, West Virginia

Eighth place, Elizabeth Carpentier, Illinois

Ninth place, Makenzie Jones, South Dakota

Tenth place, Nathan Mack, Virginia

MOS Excel 2016

First place, Kevin Dimaculangan, Florida

Second place, Stephanie Chudy, Wisconsin

Third place, Forrest Liu, North Carolina

Fourth place, Eric Dillon, West Virginia

Fifth place, Daniel Leland, Indiana

Sixth place, Rachel Marie Connor, Wisconsin

Seventh place, Abrar Shawkat, Kentucky

Eighth place, Katie Toyoshima, Washington

Ninth place, Corey Burton, Oklahoma

Tenth place, Dhruv Kaushal, North Carolina

MOS PowerPoint 2016

First place, Linh Nguyen, Washington

Second place, Ethan Gilmore, Utah

Third place, Ashwin Prasad, North Carolina

Fourth place, James Tackett, Mississippi

Fifth place, Jonathan Florsheim, Louisiana

Sixth place, Thomas Draper, Utah

Seventh place, Makenna Pollard, Virginia

Eighth place, Jacob Kearsley, Idaho

Ninth place, Kevin Glosch, Arizona

Tenth place, Nick Withrow, West Virginia

MOS Word 2013

First place, Jesse Ssengonzi, North Carolina

Second place, Landon Laviolette, Louisiana

Third place, Bailey Griffin, Washington

Fourth place, Jessica Stevens, Massachusetts

Fifth place, Jonathan Vandine, Alabama

Sixth place, Divya Mistry, Texas

Seventh place, Jasmine Saat, Arkansas

Eighth place, Skyler Won, North Carolina

Ninth place, Tatianna Contreras, District of Columbia

Tenth place, Evan Leleux, Louisiana

MOS Excel 2013

First place, Jason Benda, Wisconsin

Second place, Joseph Litz, Virginia

Third place, Edward John Legaspi, Georgia

Fourth place, Kaitlin Torres, Pennsylvania

Fifth place, Troy Won, North Carolina

Sixth place, Jacob Riffel, Ohio

Seventh place, Abhiram Ghanta, North Carolina

Eighth place, Jordan Armel, Virginia

Ninth place, Trey Sanders, Indiana

Tenth place, Tyler Lamar Wright, Alabama

MOS PowerPoint 2013

First place, Cameron Pillatsch, Virginia

Second place, Cole Stranahan, Florida

Third place, Haley Grace Boan, Georgia

Fourth place, Carson Jefferies, Arkansas

Fifth place, Kara Tredway, Michigan

Sixth place, Adam Smith, Nebraska

Seventh place, Gautham Reddy, North Carolina

Eighth place, Sarah Daniels, Tennessee

Ninth place, Lucas Bixby, Washington

Tenth place, Benjamin Bryant, Indiana

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