Certiport 2018 Technology Wrap-Up: Get to Know Console 8

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Certiport provides computerized exam delivery services along with globally-recognized certifications. We are constantly updating this platform, Console 8, to help you deliver a seamless certification program. Check out all of our recent improvements as we wrap up 2018.

Update Scheduling & Auto Update

By default Console will automatically update exams and system updates, but allow for a Center Admin to change to manual if they would like to manage updates closer.

LAN server is now a service

Console LAN server doesn’t need to have Console up and running to receive updates and it can leverage the auto-update feature now available. Once the Console Server has received updates, the Console clients can automatically grab the update from the server without any user interaction.

Auto-detect installed Autodesk application versions

Console will only download the large data files for the versions (2017, 2018 and 2019) of the Autodesk applications installed reducing the amount of time to download and configure the system for Autodesk exams.

Standardized on .NET 4.5.2 for all systems components

Improves stability of overall system, and deceases the software requirements that must be installed before delivering exams. In previous versions 3 different versions of .NET were required to be installed to deliver all Certiport exams.

Switch languages without reinstalling Console

If multiple languages are needed, Console can easily switch to another language without having to reinstall the system. This can be done in the settings area.

Prevent candidates from accessing the settings area

Candidates could easily access the settings area which would allow them to change settings that could cause the system to stop working. Once the settings are completed, the only way to access them is if you’re an Org Admin.

Mass deployment script builder

Once Console is configured on a system image, the script builder allows the IT Admin to extract those settings into a script

Diagnostic and error data is return back to Certiport

To ensure our system is as stable as possible on the wide range of systems being used, when errors are encountered the error data is returned back to Certiport so we can look further into this issues and provided patches that address these problems. Additionally we are upload systems metrics so that we can make better decisions on future deliver system improvements.

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