Autodesk Certification Updates – Better, Faster, Stronger

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The Autodesk certification program has been updated based on valuable feedback from educators and Certiport Authorized Testing Centers. Please view for exam availability and read on to find out what’s new – we are better, faster, and stronger!

Better: After conducting market research we have revised the Autodesk Certified User (ACU) Fusion 360 exams to better align with the job tasks required when using the Autodesk Fusion software in the workforce. The updated certification exams have been released and key updates include: adjustments to several Objective Domains, 30% of the questions switched from live-in-the-application to selected response questions, live-in-the-application exam questions given multiple choice selections versus an open text box, and live-in-the-application exam questions were adjusted so candidates can complete them in the maximum exam time.

Faster: The ACU exams are now 50 minutes in length instead of 75 minutes. The exams will still cover all of the exam objectives but questions have been revised so a testing candidate can complete the exam in 50 minutes. All of the ACU exams have moved to the 50 minute format with the exception of the exams testing 3ds Max and Maya.

Stronger: The Autodesk 2019 software support files for English exams will start to become available at the end of October, and most localization support will be available by the end of the year. Candidates will be able to take the Autodesk certification exams using the 2019 Autodesk software to continue earning their credentials on the latest technology.

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